Take only memories, leave only footprints

Visiting my grandparents’ cabin in the woods every summer, I got used to hearing the phrase, “take only memories, leave only footprints”. I have found that this phrase is applicable to many aspects of my life.


When I leave the Chronicle room for what may be the last time on Tuesday afternoon, likely ending my illustrious three-year career as a journalist, what will I take with me to the next stage of my life?


I have a growing stack of Chronicles in my study, dating back from my first story three years ago about ACL injuries.


My acceptance letter to the Chronicle staff is still hanging on my bulletin board, alongside my prized silver key awards.


I have two t-shirts from Indiana University summer camps, one of which I’m wearing as I write this.


I have an unopened box of Twinkies with a picture of my face taped on that I received from Bryan as a secret santa gift from this year’s “Chronsmas”.


But all of these things probably won’t travel with me as I head to Ohio State this fall. So what will I really take away from my Chronicle experience? Nothing tangible.


I’ll take only memories and experiences, which I will cherish for the rest of my life. The Chronicle has taught me so many amazing things over the last three years, more than any other class I have ever taken or could take in the future. It is the only class I’ve been in where I can say that every one of my classmates is my friend. I hesitate to call the Chronicle a class, because it is truly nothing of the sort. It is much more like a home – a place that I look forward going to everyday and am sad to leave. A place where I have made some of the best friends I have ever had.


The Chronicle has equipped me with skills to be successful in life. I have gained interview experience, the ability to put my thoughts into writing, strong interpersonal skills, and a “get it done” mentality.


What will I leave behind?


I hope that the footprints this year’s senior class left behind lead upward. The incoming Chronicle staff is an outstanding group of individuals, and I am so excited for the future of the Chronicle. I am extremely thankful that I was able to be a part of something so incredible. When I applied to the Chronicle staff as a freshman, I was tentative at first. To anyone thinking about applying for the Chronicle, please do. It will be the best decision you will make in high school.
Thank you to all of the Chronicle members that I have ever worked with, past and present. Thank you to the editors who work tirelessly to publish on time. Most importantly, thank you Mr. Conner. Nobody makes him advise the Chronicle and oversee the creation of a monthly newspaper, and he certainly doesn’t do it for his own benefit. He does it for his students, to provide them an experience that they will value for the rest of their lives. Thank you Mr. C for everything you have done for your students and the Chronicle, and thank you to the Chronicle for everything you have done for me.


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