Women’s Soccer Team Defeats Loveland, 4-0

Duncan MacKenzie | Staff Writer

A little rain couldn’t extinguish the Comets as they took the field against the Loveland Tigers on Saturday night, winning 4-0. Under an overcast sky, the girls soccer team played from end to end, keeping the Tigers from the goal and snagging a few of their own.

The first goal came with ten minutes left in the first half. Senior Jill Vetere cranked in a shot that hit the crossbar before landing in the net. Soon after, another opportunity showed itself for the Comets. A Comet shot hit the Tiger’s crossbar, but this time bounced outwards. Senior Chandler Sloan was in the perfect spot for a header, but the Tiger’s goalie reacted quickly and pulled the ball down.

The next Comet goal wouldn’t come until early in the second half. Another header opportunity showed itself for Sloan, and this time she executed. The Comets scored the third goal of the game 14 minutes into the second half. Vetere appeared behind the Tiger defense with the ball. She used the breakaway chance to add another goal to the Comets’ score.

A beautiful pass from freshman Annie Metzger created the final goal of the game. Senior Rachel Holloway received the pass and ended the game at 4-0, Comets.

Last year, the Comets’ season game against Loveland was 3-0. They played them again in the Regional Semifinals, resulting in another Comet win, 3-1. Coach Andy Schur, head coach of the team, said he thinks that the roughly equal good scores as compared to last year can be attributed to the players on the field.

“I think that our girls on this field just love to keep playing and keep playing and so we kind of find a way to put a couple in,” Schur said.

Schur said he also thinks that the game will act as a confidence boost.

“Loveland is going to be good this year and I think that winning a game like this, four to nothing, is going to give us some confidence,” said Schur.

According to Schur, the team has a lot to be excited about. Three different players scored their four goals. A spread of skill is a great quality in a team.

“We have a couple of players up front who are really going to be focused on by other teams,” Schur said. “If we can convince other teams that we have other dangerous players who can create goal scoring chances, I think it’s going to make us really hard to play against.”

Even though the team feels good about their position heading into the season, Schur said it’s important to keep in mind that the journey has just begun.

“There are still a lot of really good teams on our schedule,” Schur said. “We’re going to have to play every game like it’s a state championship because that’s how people are going to play us.”


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